Honey Bee Swarm at O’hare Airport

honey bee bees chicago ohare

I had no idea!

O’Hare Airport was buzzing Sunday and not just with returning Fourth of July travelers.

A swarm of honeybees clustered around a staircase railing outside United Airlines gate B7. As a precaution, United shut down gates B6, B7 and B8 and called in John Hansen, an experienced beekeeper who oversees the 75 beehives at the O’Hare apiary. ( I did not even know O’Hare had such a thing!) In May 2011, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) installed an apiary of 28 beehives at O’Hare International Airport. With over 1 million bees, the apiary at O’Hare is the largest apiary at any airport in the world and the first major on-airport apiary in the U.S.



DIVVY Red Unicorn Bike



To celebrate our first birthday, we’re releasing the city’s favorite bike, the one-and-only #DIVVYRED, back into the Chicago wild!

The regular Divvy bikes match the blue of the Chicago flag, but #DIVVYRED is painted Chicago red to match the stars in the flag. Riding it gives you magical powers (sort of) and posting a photo of it can get you terrific prizes.

* * *


STEP 1: Find #DIVVYRED! Discover it in one of our stations, watch someone riding it on the street, spot it far in the distance…when you see that beautiful red bike, know you’re experiencing a special moment.

STEP 2: Take a photo! When you see the red bike, take a photo and post it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr with the hashtag #DIVVYRED. Make sure your profile is public so that our team can see when you’ve posted.

STEP 3: Cross your fingers! We have awesome prizes that we’re giving away every day in July. We’re looking for fun and interesting photos, and we’ll choose our favorite ones at the end of each day. Winners will be notified on the social network that they post.

Check out the PRIZES

Chef Christopher Tong of My Private Chef Returns to Taste of Chicago

private chef chicago tong

Chef Christopher Tong of My Private Chef, one of Chicagoland’s most accomplished chefs and a favorite at Taste of Chicago will appear again this year at the Cooking Demo Pavilion.


Chef Tong’s cooking demonstration at the Taste of Chicago is one of My Private Chef’s most popular annual appearances.  People who are casual cooks or lovers of gourmet food get to ask questions, discuss preparation, and come away with a book filled with recipes from every chef who participates at the Taste of Chicago.  It is a very well attended feature of this annual Chicago summertime fest!


My Private Chef’s demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, July 13 at 4:30 p.m.,

at the Cooking Demo Pavilion tent on the northwest corner of Buckingham Fountain Plaza.


Chef Tong will demonstrate how to prepare a refreshing summertime dish: 

Alaskan King Crab Diavolo, Tri-color Fettuccini, Zucchini, Shiitake Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes.

Taste of Chicago runs daily July 9-13, 2014. Taste of Chicago is the nation’s premier outdoor food festival showcasing the diversity of Chicago’s dining community. The delicious array of food served at Taste of Chicago is complemented by music and exciting activities for the entire family. Every summer since 1980, Chicago’s beautiful Grant Park on the city’s magnificent lakefront has been home to the world’s largest food festival.  

For more information about the Taste of Chicago event, visit www.tasteofchicago.us


My Private Chef is enjoying popularity as one of Chicago’s favorite private gourmet dining services. Trained in European-style fine cuisine, Chef Tong established his reputation at fine restaurants and hotels in Florida, California, and Chicago. Now he has adapted his impressive skills to the world of private entertaining. My Private Chef offers enticing cuisine for a wide range of events, from intimate dinners to weddings to corporate parties.


For more information about My Private Chef, contact Event Services at 773.370.8131

or visit our website: www.myprivatechef.net

Six Flags Great America GOLIATH Opens June 19th

goliath2 six flags great america

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHICAGOLAND?    The Biggest Tallest  Fastest! 

The ride will set three world records for wooden roller coasters including drop length, drop steepness, and speed. It will feature the longest drop at 180 feet (55 m), the steepest drop at 85°, and the fastest speed at 72 miles per hour (116 km/h).

We got  a test spin today and IT IS SUPER FAST – and that first drop?   OMG!

Reaching top speeds of 72 miles per hour—the fastest of any wooden roller coaster—you’ll then thunder around surprising curves and outrageous twists. You’ll face three intense over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, and two wild inversions, flipping head-over-heels through a winding inverted drop and a spiraling inverted zero G stall.



Frankie Knuckles Tribute Dance Event June 3rd

frankie knucles chicago tribute

Join this dance party and pay tribute to Chicago DJ and record producer Frankie Knuckles.

(1955-2014), “The Godfather of House Music.”


June 3, 2014


6-9 pm


Millennium Park, Chase Central Promenade (Rain Location: Chase North Promenade)
201 E.Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601



Video of Alleged Chicago Police Abuse NSFW


We don’t usually post about the bad things that happen in this city. But I could not ignore this and felt it must be shared….Chicago Sun Times posted this video.  (NSFW  explicit language).

Police conduct a raid on a north side business, threatening and insulting a woman inside. The woman has filed a lawsuit alleging the police physically and verbally abused her.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating several allegations — including hate crime and excessive force — against Chicago Police officers who raided a tanning salon last summer.

‘You’re Not —— American!’ Cop Shouts as Kneeling, Cuffed Woman is Smacked in the Head.

The officer yelled  “I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the f— you came from,” before telling her that she and her family would be murdered by the owner of the salon.

The young lady  is Jianqing “Jessica” Klyzek, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China, stands 5-foot-2-inches and weighs 110 pounds. The lawsuit also alleges that the officers — some of whom said Klyzek scratched and bit them — tried to frame Klyzek as a cover-up for their behavior.



Michael Urie Wows Chicago with Buyer and Cellar


Barbra Striesands Basement of Stores in the where

                                                                                     BUYER AND CELLAR takes place.

These photos do not do the show justice!   It’s brilliant and funny!

Michael Urie is amazing and fresh and a wonderful story teller! Urie plays all of the characters, starting with a fictional out-of-work actor named Alex More who is hired to staff the underground mall of quaint shops that Streisand has built (really — this part’s true) beneath a barn on her Malibu estate.


And it is so refreshing, and so needed, for Broadway in Chicago to bring us an intimate show like this. THIS is what New York theatre is all about.  Wonderful small shows in a small venue, where everyone can enjoy the actors talents and be pulled into the story!

Whether you like Barbra Streisand or not – this is a must-see entertaining show in Chicago, fresh from New York, and on it’s way to Los Angeles next.  GO SEE IT!


buyer cellar michael urie

Rae Lewis-Thornton – Diva Living with AIDS

rae lewis thornton hiv black women chicago
Educated, attractive, assertive and ambitious are just a few of the words used to describe Rae Lewis-Thornton. In 1986, during a routine blood drive visit at a Washington D.C. Red Cross, Rae received news of another word that would soon be used to describe her health and future. At the tender age of 23, Rae Lewis-Thornton was diagnosed HIV Positive.
Despite her present day status of having full-blown AIDS (ACQUIRED Immune-deficiency Syndrome), Rae Lewis-Thornton leads her own unending crusade to educate and challenge young and old audiences to take control of their own bodies, futures and health. Rae uses her life as an example that AIDS is a non-discriminatory disease. She challenges the most common myths and stereotypes surrounding who and how one can become infected with the HIV virus that most often results in AIDS and death. In doing this, she incorporates her own oratory skills, personal experiences and unyielding honesty to create and disseminate her critical and deadly message of her own day by day, personal destruction by AIDS.
Rae uses all forms of media to convey her message. In less than a year Rae Lewis-Thornton has made her mark in Social Media. She is the recipient of the British Academy Golden Tweet Award in Public Service for 2010 and The 2011 CBS Chicago Most Valuable Blogger in Medical, Health and Fitness. She uses Twitter effectively to continue her crusade to educate, reduce the spread of HIV, as well as to challenge stigma and shame around HIV/AIDS. She held the first HIV/AIDS Tweet-up in the US in July 2010 and is now taking her Tweet-up’s nationwide. In December 2010 Rae organized a Twitter Book Club, RLT Reads. Along with Twitter, she uses both of her Facebook pages as a daily platform to educate both on HIV/AIDS generally and her personal struggle of living and managing HIV/AIDS.
Rae Lewis Thornton’s gift is to help people get passed their pain and live a healthy balanced life. For the past 19 years she’s done that through speaking, press interviews, tv, radio, print and most recently in her blog. In January 2012 she is expanding her work by giving people the opportunity to have her expertise one on one through life coaching RLT Inspiration. The areas of life coaching are confidence, balance and relationships. RLT Inspiration will utilize her life experience and her seminary training. She received a Master of Divinity degree from McCormick Theological Seminary in 2003. She was licensed as minister over 12 years ago. Rae has done her PhD studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. Rae graduated Manga Cum Laude graduate from Northeastern Illinois University. Rae is very proud to have received the 2011 Distinguished Alumnae Award from  her alma-mater Northeastern as well as, deliver the 2011 Commencement Address. Rae  has received  literally hundreds of awards  for her work in HIV/AIDS in the last eighteen years – and I encourage you to check out her blog DIVA LIVING WITH AIDS!

House Music Legend Frankie Knuckles Dies at 59

frankie knuckles chicago house music

Frankie Knuckles, one of the major founding forces of house music, passed away yesterday at the age of 59. He died unexpectedly at his Chicago home on Monday.

Though he got his start in New York, Knuckles became one of the faces of dance music in another city: Chicago. He moved there in his 20s and quickly began working at a new club.

In the late Seventies, the  DJ moved to Chicago at the behest of Robert Williams, who had opened the late night club the Warehouse and needed a resident. Frankie didn’t just rise to the occasion, he created a way of playing music from disparate genres and making it seem cohesive — it became known as house music; and Knuckles became legendary through his edits, his grace and his style.

House spread from Chicago and Detroit to Ibiza and Berlin, and helped sweep in the drug-fueled rave culture in the U.K. in the ’90s. But Knuckles was never interested in hedonism. He saw the dance floor as a sacred space. The beat united everybody there. For Frankie Knuckles, the beat was a creed.


Will the Plastic bags that Stores use… GO AWAY?

jewel osco plastic bags recycle

Chicago alderman want to put a measure banning distribution of plastic bags to customers at retail business back before the City Council.

Those thin little plastic bags that grocery stores give us, and we usually have to double them, may go away.  You see them everywhere…blowing down the streets…stuck in trees…they clog sewers…they are a nuisance and hardly anyone I knows  recycles them!

the Chicago Tribune reported……

Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st), sponsor of the proposed ordinance to ban plastic bags distributed to customers at stores, was one of several aldermen that said it was time to end the debate.

“Our environment has waited too long” for a ban on the bags that litter streets, clog sewer drains and end up in landfills,” Moreno said. “Our neighborhoods have waited too long to get this garbage out.”

The Tribune reported that several environmental activists and high school students spoke in favor of the ban.

The city has had a plastic bag recycling program in place since 2008, a statement on the Illinois Retail Merchants Associations website said.

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