Best Buy (2650 N. Clark) Has The Worst Customer Service Skills In Chicago

STAPLES open right down the street from my house, at 4610 N. Clark,  2 years ago. And I am in there at least once a month. There have been 3 occasions where a store manager was called. (No, I am not a complainer!) Twice, a printing order was ran wrong and once something rang up wrong at the check-out. All 3 times, Staples made it right and the manager apologized for the inconvenience. LOVE THAT STORE. I don’t expect stores to kiss my @#$. Just treat me and my money with some respect and eat your mistakes. Is that too much to ask?

The moral of the story – a friend fixed my Gateway in less than an hour. And I WON’T be buying anything from Best Buy ever again.  As consumers, we must show our support with our money. Support Staples! Why didn’t I buy my laptop from Staples – I am sorry to say, in the emergency of the moment, I thought of Best Buy for electronics. My Staples here is usually understaffed, although the staff is great, it’s sort of a self-serve big box store.

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