10.17.2006 International Day For Eradication of Poverty

                                                                                                          Harold Washington College is honored to serve as the host of a Chicago
observance of this important occasion.

Schedule of Speakers:

8:30   Ngalula Kela, Friends of the Congo

9:00   Maurice Weaver, Global Food Banking Organization

10:15 Elizabeth Mhangami, Matabeleland, Zimbabwe

11:00 Dr. Ilya Adler, Alliant International University, Mexico

12:00 Magdalene Ikhide, Nigeria, Barrister, Journalist, Founder of
Coalition Against Poverty

…..HWC Choir

1:00   Illinois State Representative Jan Schakowsky (keynote)

…..HWC Instrumental Ensemble

2:00   Father Aengus Finucane, Honorary President, Concern Worldwide

3:00   Doug Schenkelberg, Associate Director, Heartland Alliance

Information booths for –

CARE International
Amnesty International
Heartland Alliance
Peace Corps


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