THE INVITATION – The Secret To Creating Your Best Life


“The Invitation: The Secret To Creating Your Best Life” by Karyn Pettigrew is the first installment of the Pocket Books For Your Soul™ series published by Highest Good Publications. The Invitation is the Pocket Book
For The Soul™ that spreads inner peace,prosperity, success and harmony throughout the universe.

Karyn Pettigrew is an intuitive business and professional mentor, author, motivational speaker, teacher and owner of KPConsulting—a firm that is pioneering the Intuitive Alignment Method. The IAM method gets below the surface, to the root cause of a client’s ineffectiveness and opens a doorway to the successful manifestation of their vision. A graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Business School, Karyn currently sees clients for private consultations and corporate consulting. She facilitates workshops based on material from her book, I Quit and Choose Work that Aligns with My Soul and The Invitation.

Karyn believes that each of us can serve as a role-model for positive change in the world by changing our perspective, bringing about dramatic improvement in our lives and our environments.

I had the opportunity to meet Karyn recently and she has amazing energy and spirit! This is a great little book – and I look forward to the future installments!

To order copies of The Invitation to send to your family and friends or to request Karyn as a speaker, visit us online at or email:


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