11.08.2006 Mastering the BLOGOSPHERE Over Breakfast

The world is forever changing!  When Windows was launched, America started to become PC literate…  And every year, I am amazed at the technological advances and the speed which we can communicate, get things done and how business is exchanged!


The blogosphere is the next big frontier and you want to be out there before the competition-currently growing with 80,000 new blogs per day. The time to have a blog for your business right now!

More than 80% of small businesses now have their own website, but when it comes to using the Internet and specifically blogs, to reach out to customers, specifically those looking to find services and products via search engines, the percentage is far smaller. Do you fit this statistic?  Don’t miss the train!

Chicago based NETWORLDING and INSIDE YOUR CHICAGO have partnered to host one of the first “hands-on” blogging workshops that actually takes you from the information stage to the implementation stage – ALL OVER AN AMAZING BREAKFAST!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006 


– Blogs get new customers and expand business from current customers.

– To develop informational tools like booklets, books and many e-products to create more revenue streams.
– Blogs cross-sell and up-sell new products and services and build passive revenue markets.

– Blogs inexpensively drive online PR and Marketing – company news, brand development, product information, buzz generation and community development.

blog… blog… blog


A fabulous breakfast.

A Blog domain name & web hosting for 1 year!

Over 3 hours of practical information you can immediately implement.
PLUS to take with: multiple hand-outs and a CD loaded with amazing tips, best practices and key strategies for optimization complete with live hyperlinks.

Contact us with questions or for more information!

or phone (773) 878 – LEAD

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