Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

                                                                                                                        two world-renowned entrepreneurship organizations, the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO) and the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE)),  Verne is presently founder and CEO of Gazelles, Inc. Gazelles has brought hundreds of businesses to fast-growth profitability. Now he shares entrepreneurial secrets in this must-read business primer. Harnish has discovered John D. Rockefeller’s underlying strategy. Further study uncovered three winning habits:

*Priorities: A few rules remain consistent with a firm’s core values and long-term goal. Others change regularly — what Harnish calls the Top 5 and Top 1 of 5.

*Data: Key metrics should be measured over time (Smart Numbers); short-term metrics provide a tighter focus on an aspect of the business (Critical Numbers).

*Rhythm: A well-organized set of meetings keep everyone aligned and accountable.

In addition to case studies, a bonus chapter co-authored by Rich Russakoff reveals winning tactics to get banks in competition to finance your business venture. MASTERING THE ROCKEFELLER HABITS provides necessary tools for making strategically smart decisions and for keeping everyone aligned and accountable to those decisions.

This book is more than a tool for businesses. Verne Harnish has put together a very useful guide for planning and organizing goals that are specific and measurable. By applying the principles in this book to work in a non-profit organization or even in your home, you will be able to track your progress and keep focus on what really matters. Highly recommended!

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