re:invention’s Kirsten Osolind


Recently, Kirsten Osolind and her company re:invention came to my attention through my associate Melissa Giovagnoli at Networlding.

re:invention is a full-service integrated marketing company for corporations that are looking to sell more of their products and services to enterprising women — women entrepreneurs and executives. We help companies create and execute profit-generating marketing programs and partnerships, designed to convert enterprising women into loyal lifetime customers. We’ll share enterprising women facts, figures, and fancies — then develop targeted marketing programs that deliver measurable results.  We also help enterprising women increase sales and gain national media exposure.”

Re:invention also does an amazing blog! It’s A TOOLBOX FOR & ABOUT ENTERPRISING WOMEN.™  
It’s the #1 GOOGLE ranked blog for and about enterprising women.

Even though it’s geared towards women, there is a lot of useful information for all entrepreneurs. There is a great weekly feature called 10 million tips. This is a chance for  women entrepreneurs to get free publicity and exposure for their business, every Saturday. Women entrepreneurs are encouraged to send in background about their company and a link to their company website along with  personal top 10 success strategies tips. The site is a wealth of knowledge and ideas!

Founder and CEO Kirsten Osolind, is a nationally recognized expert with 15 years of experience in the fields of strategic marketing, branding and public relations. The re:invention executive team consists of former Fortune 500 marketing executives and directors turned entrepreneurs. –  Kirsten also shares information about her business, the people she meets, and the companies she interacts with. She reviews professional women’s organizations, discussing their history, member benefits, programs, and networks. The blog delivers a tremendous amount of information about resources for women.

She is a leader in the Chicago business community!

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