You Have to Be a Little Crazy:
The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business

This book debunks the myths of business start-ups by telling the truth: You have to be crazy to start a business. Written by serial entrepreneur Barry Moltz, the book delivers irreverent, straight talk about the complex intersection of start-up business, financial health, physical well-being, spiritual wholeness and family life. This perspective is augmented with other personal tales from the entrepreneurial front.

“Actually, you’d have to be crazy NOT to start your own business! The truth is that there’s nothing more satisfying or productive. Barry’s book is a great place to start.”
Seth Godin
Author, Permission Marketing and Purple Cow

I first found Barry by doing a search on Chicago Leadership. He had a great article, –

Entrepreneurship Starts in High School

“Last year, the Governor of Illinois appointed me to be on the Illinois Institute of Entrepreneurship Education. The organization assists teaching entrepreneurship especially at the high school level. For the first time, IIEE will be sponsoring a 3 day conference in May 2007 to educate young business people. I will be sponsoring the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award.”  –   READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE AT BARRY’s  SITE.


I recently had the opportunity to meet Barry, through Melissa Giovagnoli at Networlding, this past summer when she chose the Ten Best Networkers in the World, Barry was a judge.

” As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be the leader.”

“We all know that strong leaders are essential to business success. We have great ones in the Chicago business and tech community including J.B. Pritzker of New World Ventures, Linda Darragh at the Women’s Business Center and Andy McKenna at Schwarz.

Leadership is about risk taking in your business, but a different kind than we may have heard of before. It is easy for traditional managers to lead by doing everything themselves or ordering other people to do tasks and cleaning up after them.

However, you are a leader at your business when you can successfully let go and trust other members of your team to do the roles that you have defined for them. It is about successfully negotiating with your team the different roles they will take and monitoring how they interact and work with each other.”

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