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As WICKED has made Chicago its home, cast and company members have taken on various projects to impact the Windy City ‘For Good.’ It is opportunities like these that allow them the chance to give back to the community that has made WICKED the most ‘Popular’ musical in Chicago history.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the Chicago company of Wicked collected over $214,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the Chicago House.


Several Wicked Chicago company members helped paint a Habitat for Humanity house as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday “Day of Work” activities. The house was constructed and completed with the help of several celebrity groups including Chicago Bulls players.

Our hat’s off  to the cast of Wicked, for making Chicago your home! And for setting new records in Chicago! “Wicked” has grossed more than $350 million to date in New York, Chicago and on tour, and a new Los Angeles company designed specifically for the nation’s second-largest city will launch soon. The Chicago cast was originally planned to close here and move on to LA. “Finally the curse has been lifted,” says Roche Schulfer, the executive director of the Goodman Theatre. “Now producers look at Chicago, and they see a huge city, and they see money. Really, this is a very big moment in the history of the Chicago theater.”

“Eighteen months was our original goal in Chicago,” Stone admits, “and our initial plans then involved taking the show to L.A. But the show is doing so well in Chicago, we realized it would be stupid to leave.”

In Chicago, the run could easily last another two or three years — if not more. Ever since the show began its Chicago run, it has sold almost all the available tickets at the Oriental Theatre at full price. The weekly gross this summer has been about $1.2 million, week in and week out.

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