Melissa Giovagnoli of Networlding and
 Eileen Messier of  The Social Network. “Networlding is all about strategic growth and sustainability-the greatest good for the greatest number.” said Ms. Giovagnoli. “I have been working with Eileen’s Social Network Group, and through conversations, I recommended something Oprah also recommended recently. Do something for someone and have them “Pay it Forward” to someone else. Because Eileen  has a large professional client base, I thought it was a good match to bring her together with the Namaste School and adopt them for one year, helping them with everything from providing financial support to helping coordinate volunteers. A 12 month emphasis and focus has so much more impact obviously than a one-time event or fundraiser.  Then, in turn, Namaste School will pay it forward to two other schools next year.”

Namaste (pronounced na-ma-STAY) Charter School  is committed to the physical, social and academic well being of students, staff and parents. “We believe that to achieve in school, students must be healthy, active and engaged in physical activity regularly. We also believe that adults must model the healthy lifestyle and positive attitude that we wish the students to embrace. The school will incorporate health, nutrition and athletics into its rigorous curriculum, created to ensure literacy, numeracy and a lifelong love of reading.”

Charter schools are independent public schools that are operated by outside organizations. They are monitored by the school district in which they are chartered and are subject to the same safety, civil rights, special education and bilingual regulations as traditional public schools.


Namaste School Model

The school was created in an effort to fill the void for more high quality education for students within the Chicago Public School System. The innovative approach to maximize the learning experience includes implementing a “year round” schedule in which students attend school for three consecutive months and then have a one-month break. The daily class schedule is also unique in that it includes breakfast and lunch to ensure the students are well-nourished, as well as a Family Breakfast each week. The school day is also extended to 7 1/2 hours (with early release on Fridays) to allow ample time for regular physical activity. The Namaste model is designed to promote advanced, focused learning and long-term health and exercise habits.


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