St. Charles, IL – Karlene Anderson, a local public relations, marketing communications and web content writing consultant has been accepted as an affiliate consultant for Shoestring Creative Group, a national marketing communications firm (based in Maine) provides discounted services to nonprofit organizations. The firm is currently growing a national network of like-minded public relations and marketing consultants that will work together and serve good causes in cities across the country.

Anderson will represent Shoestring Creative Group locally, and bring the firm’s services and resources to local nonprofit and government organizations – resources which include best practices in nonprofit marketing and an award-winning creative services department.

Nonprofit groups and state agencies in Illinois will now have the chance to tap into that philosophy as well as a nation-wide network of nonprofit marketing and public relations experts. Anderson – who will be a local Shoestring Creative Group affiliate – will serve as a project director and nonprofit marketing consultant.

“It is an honor for me to be included in this partnership because innovative public relations is key for the progress of nonprofits and Shoestring Creative Group comprehends how funding needs are confronted by these groups,” says Anderson. “Marketing and public relations are many times are not on one of the higher rungs of priorities for the organizations and therefore they consequently do not sufficiently and effectively connect with their public.”

“Shoestring’s method is that marketing is at the core of all you do. We believe that first you identify your target group, and you shape solid, clear, and uniform messages that will entice them to act. With being part of the Shoestring Creative Group we are able to bring a vast amount of expertise to a multitude of marketing projects, all be it simple or complex.”

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