PAY IT Forward to three other people, who in turn, each pay it forward to three
other people!

This past weekend I re-watched the Kevin Spacey / Helen Hunt / Haley Joel Osment
movie, PAY IT FORWARD. The idea has been around forever. Benjamin Franklin referenced it
in 1784. And Science fiction author
Robert A. Heinlein, used the phrase in 1951. But in 2000, Catherine Ryan Hyde‘s novel Pay It Forward, was adapted into a Warner Brothers film.
And boom! Next thing you know, Oprah is talking about it!

The Pay It Forward Foundation was established in September 2000 by author Catherine Ryan
Hyde and others to educate and inspire students to realize that they can change the world,
and provide them with opportunities to do so. By bringing the author’s vision and related
materials into classrooms internationally, students and their teachers are encouraged to
formulate their own ideas of how they can pay it forward.

The foundation impacts our world in a time when many people, though aware of the need for
social change, are unsure of where and how to begin. The challenges facing today’s youth are daunting. While discussion and planning are positive steps toward belief in social change, only
the manifestation of plans into action proves to the imagination that change is possible, and
that will and motivation can affect social growth. CHANGE THE WORLD!



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