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Today ZAADZ  told me about GLOBAL MINDSHIFT!

To change the world, change your mind.

Isn’t this amazing? And isn’t it true? This belief is at the core of Global MindShift’s philosophy.

Global MindShift is a growing non-profit community of people and organizations working together to
find new solutions to emerging and age-old problems – a community that believes these solutions
begin with a broader perspective and greater communication. 

They provide a beautiful means of connection. Their site gives you the ability to join people around the world in conversations that matter, by hosting discussions between 8 to 12 people in a structured
online format.

Through these conversations you get to explore the big questions in life, like “who are we?”,  “where
do we come from?”, and most importantly, “where we are going?”  The Global MindShift exercises encourage us to consider what it means to be human from the biggest possible perspective – our evolutionary journey – and how that bigger perspective can help us build a better world for all life.

Global MindShift offers content too. You’ve heard of memes? Those
 “units of cultural information” that make up the very DNA of human society? The site offers an
expanding resource of these memes that serve the emerging global community. It’s a wonderful
 collection of ideas and videos about the incredible shift in consciousness.

Good stuff!

Albert Einstein said that you can’t solve problems from the same level of thinking that created them –
so the importance of participating in conversations designed to help shift perspectives is essential.
And what better way to do it than with others who care?

So check out the Global MindShift online community, join a conversation, and help spread the word
that together we can make a difference. Go on. Have a look. And let’s change the world.

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