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Zaadz, and wanted to share it…

“History shows that we keep caring for the needs of larger and larger numbers of people: we’ve come from small hunter-gatherer economies to agrarian economies to a larger-scale plantation economy and then a full-scale industrial economy. Now we’re firmly settled in a knowledge economy: we have an entire market based on the transformation of information from one pattern to another.

(Amazing, hm? It wasn’t that many decades ago that the very idea would have seemed ridiculous. An economy based on information? On learning and then sharing? Absurd. Or phenomenal.

If history is any indicator, we’re not going to stop there. So we might well ask: What’s going to come after this knowledge economy?

If you look at everything from Microsoft’s interest in humanitarian causes to the greening of businesses worldwide and the deepening interest in making a living that matters, it might make sense to imagine that a change is already happening.

We’re shifting from an information economy to one that’s values-based.

What does that mean? It means that businesses that are doing good will be the ones that do well. It means that companies that contribute to social betterment will be the ones who attract the best workers. It means that organizations who care about the consequences of their actions will be the ones that thrive.

And so we’re finding out it’s not just possible to make money meaningful, it’s essential. After a certain point, money that’s not attached to some deeper value is worthless, and unsatisfying, and more and more people are waking up to that.

Which brings us to the ‘changing the world‘ part.

Capitalism is arguably one of the most powerful forces on the planet. So, waking up to the deep change stirring within it, and tuning into those movements from inside, is thrilling. (And you can feel the change, can’t you? There are people calling for careers that they can believe in and looking for ways to spend their money that doesn’t result in social and environmental harm, and our numbers are growing and growing and growing.)

The more we can do to facilitate that shift, and to encourage the growth of both the businesses striving to reorient themselves and the people interested in supporting this new values-based commerce, the better. It’s not an easy process. These sorts of fundamental changes (dare I say ‘paradigm shifts’?) take time. It takes the commitment of thousands—if not millions—to increased awareness, to being conscious of the way we make and spend our money, and to staying true to our own values and making sure these our aligned with our economic actions.”

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