Organic School Project Brings Good Food and Nutrition To Chicago Students

Imagine a school…

where when you walk in the door, it smells like home cooking.

In the cafeteria, children are eating made-from-scratch, locally and sustainably grown foods—a feast of whole grains, bright green vegetables, and freshly sliced fruits.

Plate waste is minimal. The students like this food.

Then they rise from their seats and walk to the trash receptacles – there are multiple ones: one for compost, one for recycling and one for waste. They know what bin to put every part of their meal in, and the meal’s biodegradable tray and disposable packaging.

After eating, the children go outside to the school garden and see some of the food they just ate growing in the garden. They planted some of those foods, they helped care for them.

WHAT A CONCEPT!  The Organic School Project is the creation of Greg Christian. With a culinary career spanning over 25 years and as owner of Greg Christian Catering, Greg Christian Organics and Get Me Greg’s, Greg brings considerable knowledge and passion for food to OSP.

We’re the only organization bringing together hands-on gardening, organic food preparation and meal service with health-related curriculum and scientific evaluation.

This combination of interactive programs is designed to engage children – along with their families, school staffs and communities – in growing, learning about, and preparing the food they eat.

A unique collaboration of educators, public and private-area gardens, farms, food retailers and suppliers, parents, community organizations, cooking professionals and health care professionals, OSP seeks to reconnect the Chicago community with their food source.

OSP is a non-profit organization currently making this a reality in 3 Chicago-area schools.

Read the  Organic School Project Blog !

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