Collective Buying Power in Chicago with GROUPON

The Point  is powering a new site that  launched recently called Groupon as in “group + coupon.”
The idea is simple: each day there’s a huge discount on something fun to do (launch version is Chicago only), but only if enough people join to “tip” the deal. By guaranteeing a lot of sales, Groupon is able to offer some amazing discounts.

Much like woot, each Groupon includes a fun writeup, often by someone who went out and experienced whatever it is you’re buying. Aside from the great deals, I’m excited about Groupon simply to get a daily dose of interesting new things to do in my home town.

So if you live in Chicago and you’re interested in great deals on local stores, services, and entertainment, stop by and sign up to be notified  by  Groupon . And if you’ve got something you want to sell, send Groupon an email.

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