Just For Laughs in Chicago with Ellen, Cedric, Leary and more! June 15-19th

Just For Laughs
is active in many areas of entertainment production including festivals, television, theatre and touring. Its inaugural Montreal Festival 27 years ago is now the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event welcoming over 2 million people each summer.

The company has expanded with festivals in Nantes (France), Toronto and the newest city added to the list is Chicago with TBS presents a Very Funny Festival: Just For Laughs set to run for its second year.

The company also successfully tours across the globe bringing some of the Festivals’ best talent to Canada, the US, Bermuda and Asia and has personal management offices in Los Angeles, Paris, London and Montreal. Just For Laughs television shows are seen in over 140 countries and on over 100 airlines around the world and have been seen on ABC, Fox, MTV, Showtime, HBO, BBC America, CBC, The Comedy Network, BBC1, TF1 and RTL.

In Chicago this year June 15 -19th, 5 nights of comedy  at  12 venues featuring 100+  comedians. 

See the complete schedule and ticket info online .

Plus, get the iphone app !

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