What Happened to the Chicago Spire?

I was so excited when  Garrett Kelleher
 had plans to construct a 150-story
condominium high-rise on Lake Michigan.

It was going to be  the tallest skyscraper in North America and also the tallest residential building in the world. 

The  futuristic sleek gleaming structure, called the Chicago Spire , would be a swirling glass and steel tower designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
It would be the focal point of the Chicago skyline!

I was equally excited when they broke ground and started preparations for the base. Digging hundreds of feet into the ground….

In 2009 rumors swirled and production came to standstill. Things did not look good for the Spire.

TIME OUT Magazine investigates what happened to the Spire in this weeks issue .

“I predicted [the Spire] wouldn’t be built, and I was right,” Donald Trump says. “Only I had the vision and resources to get it done and now my building is the biggest to be built since Sears Tower.”

Part of Kelleher’s misfortune was beyond his control, Trump admits. “I had good timing. I got my financing before the market collapse,” he says, although he, too, is feeling the pain of a weak economy, with one-fourth of Trump Tower’s condominiums still unsold. –  And no retail shops to speak of yet.

Trump also takes a dig at Kelleher’s judgment as a developer. “It’s an impractical building and the location is only so-so,” Trump says. “Who’d want to live there?” –  UM…I think A LOT of people would have loved to have lived there, Donald!

Read the Time Out article .

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