Singer Mary Chapin Carpenter in Chicago Oct. 15th

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, fierce animal lover, and long-time activist, Mary Chapin Carpenter‘s  most recent  album, The Age of Miracles , is a testament that she has indeed traveled so far, as her first song,”We Traveled So Far,” says. 

Mary  has been a dedicated supporter of organizations including Noah’s Wish, Campaign for a Landmine-Free World, Artists Against Hunger and Poverty,  and other organizations.

Her music is poetic, pure and graceful, with her charm and storytelling evident throughout.  “Zephyr” is my favorite track with lyrics: “I tried to be  constant just like a star / I tried to be steady and yar / But the storms keep breaking over my head / I’m aching for blue skies instead”. A good ole-fashioned country song in “I Put My Ring Back On” about giving a relationship another go.  “Holding Up The Sky” poetically and tenderly expresses her experience battling her health concerns, and feeling helplessness, scared and wanting to be free from pain.

The Age of Miracles is the twelfth studio album from five-time Grammy award-winning Carpenter, including one Grammy-winning and two Grammy-nominated albums. By combining folk, country, acoustic, rock and blues, Carpenter has proven herself to be an artist for whom the conventional boundaries of the music business disappear; she has always professed a love for all kinds of music, and those influences come together in songs that speak to the most personal of life’s details as well as to the most universal.

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Mary Chapin Carpenter

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