Rahm Emanuels Plan to Make More Money off us in 2012

Are children really in
danger of fast drivers in Chicago? 

Rahm thinks so.

He wants cameras placed in 50% of the city, “to protect the children”. And fine fast drivers a $100 a pop.  Hmmmm….let’s see,  50 speeders a day = $5000 x 30 days = $150,000  a month. $2 million a year. And that’s a conservative number.

Are that many children be ran over? – And you thought the new parking meters were outrageous?!

Next up – 

Taxi’s of course. 

The fare hike is once again being brought to the table.   $1 a ride fare hike could  means MILLIONS for the city.

 And what about the pooch? 

They say only 5% of dog owners in Chicago currently buy a license for their dog. ($5  for  fixed – $50  for unfixed!). But under a mandatory license law, owners without the license will be fined  $25-$200. (I don’t know why the big range…)

What else could be in store for us? 

Raising the fee for city vehicle stickers is being whispered about. ALSO   multiple city stickers on your car’s windshield?  Start scraping!   Apparently you must scrape off last year’s sticker or face a $120 fine.

Ald. Tunney told Sun-Times, he is  pushing to have all Ward Superintendents write warnings and tickets for unshoveled sidewalks.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but on some streets there has been a  HUGE INCREASE in the number of designated “Handicapped”  spots in neighborhoods. On my street in Uptown, 5 new designated “Handicapped” spots have appeared within 2 blocks.   Making it harder and harder for the average person to park. On top of that, stores are blocking off more and more designated handicapped spots.  I am sorry,  but I have seen people get in and out of their cars, and they don’t look handicapped. Maybe fat yes. But not handicapped.

At any rate, normal everyday drivers are not allowed to park in those “reserved” spots. I get it.  But now a new ordinance will allow police to actually impound cars  and enforce fines up to $1000! For those caught abusing the placards and spots. 

I want to see STRICTER rules about handing out the handicap stickers in the first place!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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