Restoring Earth at Abbott Hall of Conservation at Field Museum

Not since Indiana Jones has the scientist’s role as action hero come to life as vividly as in The Field Museum’s new exhibition that immerses visitors in adventures with Museum scientists as they promote conservation from Chicago to South America, to Pacific coral reefs and points in between.

Opening to the public November 4, 2011, Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth is The Field’s newest permanent exhibition. It uses large-scale photographs, videos, and fun, hands-on learning tools to focus on active science and those who make it happen.

“We want to change the perception of what a museum can be,” says Anna Huntley, the exhibition’s project manager. “Field Museum scientists work to preserve biodiversity all over the world. We want people to know that conservation can be discovery, beauty, adventure, and action.” 

Restoring Earth is a testament to The Field Museum’s emphasis on conservation and sustainability, but the exhibition doesn’t lecture, telling visitors what’s right and wrong. Instead, visitors hear scientists’ own words – describing the work they do and the passion and urgency that drives them.

The exhibition is also a treat for the senses. Huge, breathtaking visuals produced in vivid color and high resolution show portions of beetles, fish scales, and butterfly wings that illustrate the stunning beauty in the natural world all around us. Throughout the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to select and view digital video shorts that explore concepts and processes used by Field Museum scientists. Music, animation, and humor are used to engage both kids and adults as they learn about subjects ranging from why coral reefs matter to how ancient peoples practiced conservation.

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