Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates Offers Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Nearly two out of every three Americans is overweight or obese. 

Dr. Julie Roth, an Internal Medicine and Nutrition specialist at Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates (CLSMA), the largest private medical practice on Northwestern University’s medical campus in downtown Chicago, offers ten tips to avoid weight gain over the holiday season the healthy way:

1) Keep a food log or diary
.  Studies show that people who log their foods lose twice as much weight.

2) Be realistic.  A goal of 0.5-2 pounds weight loss/week is realistic.  Weight loss happens over time.

3) Think of food as fuel.  When choosing foods choose healthier options because it will help from a calorie and an overall health standpoint. Healthier choices will also help avoid sugar highs/lows which may impact concentration.

4) Drink lots of water.  Thirst is often confused with hunger with hunger and extra calories are often consumed when water would suffice.

5) Get enough sleep.  Fatigue can be confused with hunger.  Sleep is essential to improve a variety of other health issues as well.  Holidays are definitely a time when the candle gets burned at both ends.

6) Address stress levels.  Emotional eating leads to the consumption of excess calories.  When cravings/emotions hit try spending 20-30 minutes focusing on a non-food item until the craving/emotion passes.

7) Plan ahead for success.  Healthy choices and weight loss don’t “just happen.”  Plan meals three days in advance.  “Know before you go” regarding options when dining out.  Look at menus in advance and make a plan.

8) Practice moderation.  Try to limit indulgences try to where enjoyment still exists but guilt doesn’t.  In other words, the first few bits are an indulgence with little guilt.  After that, the guilt (and calories) pile up and enjoyment doesn’t.

9) Be seasonal when choosing.  If struggling with choices at a party or in a buffet line, first take a “lay of the land.”  Next, choose things which are seasonal and only available now.  You can be sure to  find a chocolate chip cookie next time.

10) Log your festivities.  Keep track of holiday parties on a calendar.  You’ll soon realize that Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day isn’t all one big party – only certain days.  Also, keep track of your eating on your food logs; it will help keep you on track.


Located directly across from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates (CLSMA) is a comprehensive group of medical professionals offering healthcare services combined with compassionate high quality care. With 48 board-certified specialty and general internal medicine physicians, all trained in accredited residency programs, CLSMA offers over 20 diverse health specialties to accommodate a large variety of healthcare needs.

Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates believes in developing and maintaining a strong physician-patient relationship and sustaining continuity of care. Patients of the practice agree that the physicians are extremely helpful in addressing a multitude of medical and non-medical issues, are expert at listening and responding to patient needs, and are highly accessible. While each doctor has an established group of patients, the practice welcomes and continues to accept new patients.  

The medical offices of CLSMA are located at 676 North St. Clair, Suites 2300 and 2000, Chicago, Illinois. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For additional information on any doctor or specialty at CLSMA, visit or call 312-926-6000 to schedule an appointment.

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