Farrell’s Extreme BodyShaping Center Comes to Chicago’s Lincoln Park

Chicago’s newest fitness center is  under construction and nearing completion!

 Farrell’s  Extreme Bodyshaping!
 821 W. Blackhawk Street.
(North & Clybourn)
Chicago’s most talked about,
newest bodyshaping center!

The gym will feature a large classroom area covered with inch thick martial arts mats and some serious duct work to keep the air moving when it’s full of kicking and punching students.

 The first 10 week session will begin January 21st, and they are 
accepting enrollments on  NOW in the lobby of the Blackhawk on
Halsted building.  The lobby entrance is directly South of REI on
Halsted.  Structured parking is available at the back of the building for parking convenience.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a results based fitness program for
participants of any age, lifestyle, sex or athletic ability
. The program
was developed by Lance Farrell — a long-time taekwondo competitor and
teacher — specifically to combat obesity and to help people develop
healthy lifestyle habits by incorporating the fat-burning, strengthening
and endurance building aspects of competitive martial arts training
into a course for regular people who aren’t interested in sparring or
contact drills.

In 45 minutes a day, six days a week, Farrell’s can help you make
real changes in your fitness and overall health. Results are typical
with the Farrell’s program. In 10 weeks with Farrell’s, you will see the
eXtreme changes you expect out of your fitness and nutrition

The Farrell’s program combines four essential elements needed to make eXtreme changes in your bodyshape:

  • Cardiovascular exercise to Burn Fat
  • Strength training to Build Muscle
  • Nutrition plan to help you Eat Healthy
  • Instructors and coaches to keep you Encouraged throughout your journey


The last few years, my body has gotten out of shape and it really needs a kick start.

At each and every Farrell’s workout facility, we offer you a supportive environment to reach your fitness goals, while challenging participants to live Life at LEVEL 10.
The philosophies Mr. Farrell valued most from his TaeKwonDo background —
discipline, self-control and respect — are also the fundamental pillars
of the eXtreme Bodyshaping program.

“Our mission is simple: We want to inspire you to live your life with power and purpose.

We are in business to help our members transform their lives —we have
helped over 30,000 people (and counting!), and we are ready to help you


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