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A  few  months  ago we needed  a  plumber ~ UGH, big sigh, we hate
having to find contractors for anything… the drama, the unknown
expense and the crazy service charges and fees when you don’t know the
lingo and whether or not you’re simply being ripped off. It’s hard to
find good honest mechanics and contractors.
We needed and wanted   a new  kitchen sink  installed  to replace  a
really old one we hated and timely enough, our aging toilet was acting
up and we decided to replace it as well and  we were going to be 
“green”  and get a dual-flush, environmentally-friendly  low  water
usage toilet as a replacement.

We were flooded with memories… unfortunately, BAD MEMORIES of
plumbers past!  About 10 years ago,  we had to hire a plumber to replace
a hot water tank in our home. The guy   had given us “an estimate”
 that seemed reasonable compared to 2 other plumbing contractors, but
afterward, the job then allegedly “took longer” than he thought, so the
final bill was  $250  more than the original estimate. 

Plus he was messy and we are sort of clean freaks!  I had to do some
major clean up after he left. Neat and tidy are not two words that are
often associated with plumbers, or any contractor for that matter. In
fact, many drive trucks up on your driveway leaking oil, leave  supply
packaging lying around your house, and drag who knows what into your
home on their shoes!

Fast forward back to present. Late last summer we had met the  Michael J. Goode,the owner  from Goode Plumbing
at a  Business Expo in Chicago.  Thank goodness we
had tossed Mike’s business card in one of our business card piles and
easily found it! 

We remembered Mike and his colleague, Jeff looked real professional in
their uniforms (dark blue oxfords with company logo and khaki pants),
were extremely friendly and seemed very knowledgeable in the few minutes
we had chatted. So we had Goode Plumbing came out to our condo, give us
a price quote, not an estimate, and again they seemed  very
professional and the type of contractors you could trust and were worth
hiring.  My partner wanted to get a second estimate, just for
comparison, and so we did. The Goode Plumbing quote was better, and  we
hired them to do the work.


Mike Goode  says, “We are really committed to providing the highest
quality service in the industry. All of our work is done to a standard
that we are consistently raising.


We make sure all of our technicians are polite, educated and
complete extensive in-house training.  Service and quality are so
important. I promise to do my absolute best to ensure that  a client’s 
experience with us is excellent. We don’t just promise you the best – I
truly want to deliver that for a client.

Our claim of striving to be the best and to give you the best
service in the industry is backed by our commitment to on going
training, and by giving  the best warranty in the business-if it fails
because of the way we installed it, we’ll take care of it for as long as
the building we put it in is standing.

We will sell and install only excellent quality parts, products and materials.
We believe in the products that we sell by backing them not only by
their own warranty , but ours as well: labor is covered too (not just
the parts!) and for a minimum of two years.”


They treat your home and property as if it were their own, leaving
nothing behind but an outstanding plumbing job and your complete
satisfaction. They even wear shoe covers/footies  in your home.


Goode Plumbing  is not one of these  “fix-it”  guys who  was  “handy” 
and got into  plumbing.  Owner Mike Goode has 18 years  experience
and Mike has completed an apprenticeship under a service plumber who
owned a plumbing company and had 30 years of experience.

With all the talk about the environment and GREEN,  Goode plumbing is a
leader in those new technologies and products and Mike is currently
going through a state certification process to be licensed as a GREEN 
plumber here in Illinois.

“At Goode Plumbing, we are continuously working to make our
company more ecologically friendly. We have available, and encourage
clients to ask about our high efficiency water heaters, on-demand water
heaters, on-demand water faucets and dual flush toilets. We now use VOX
chemicals, including PVC cement and primer. We recycle all cardboard and
plastic packaging and all metals. And, our Sprinter diesel vans and
restored Volkswagen Vans (modified with emissions controls!) average
20-25 mpg vs. the typical plumbing truck which averages 8-12 mpg. We 
continue to make changes to our company that aid in the protection and
preservation of the environment.

We offer Rinnai tankless water heaters, 
Eternal Hybrid water heaters, A.O. Smith Vertex water condensing water
heaters, and Bradford White storage water heaters. There are a number of
alternatives to large, inefficient units that can save you money, give
you more floor space, and cause less damage to the earth. There are also
a number of rebates and credits available for the selection of some
energy  efficient units.”

So next time you need a plumber – Don’t  Panic! 
Take our advice  and  call  GOODE PLUMBING!
They also have an outstanding history of happy customers,
and very high ratings  with Angies List!

 GOODE PLUMBING     and   

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