White Tiger Show Removed From Navy Pier

Discover LIVE Royal White Tigers
at Navy Pier in the Crystal Gardens!

 Bring the entire family……….STOP.

Don’t go –  the show has been closed down!

There was even going to be  a birthday party yesterday!
 Celebrating Kozmo and Kumal’s 1st Birthday. Those poor babies had to celebrate alone without hundreds of gawkers staring at them taking annoying photos.   Aweeeeeee.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is revoking the white tiger owner’s exhibition license for health and safety violations, including allegedly posing a danger to children.

The tiger show which began Jan. 13  was scheduled to run through Feb. 12. Navy Pier officials said they paid $27,000 to the company and had sold $16,500 in tickets so far.

The Chicago Tribune  reports, “According to court documents, the USDA found that Marcus Cook’s company ZooCats Inc. “willfully violated” the Animal Welfare Act. The USDA has been hunting Cook for years now, alleging a long history of infractions.

“There is evidence that ZooCats trainers did not handle the animals properly, at times, using physical abuse with a cattle prod to train, work or control an animal during an exhibition,” USDA spokesman Dave Sacks told us.

Cook denied the USDA’s claims. He blamed USDA bureaucrats, particularly a
higher-up, Sarah L. Conant. Cook claimed she’s an animal rights
activist with a political agenda aimed at eliminating all traveling
zoos, exhibitors and other such entertainments from the American

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