Wilson Station Plans Reveiled by CTA

WOW!!!! The Wilson Stop is coming into the 21st century!!
The $203 million reconstruction project on the 89-year-old station is
set to begin next year and continue into 2015, officials said. It will
be the second-largest CTA station reconstruction project currently
planned, behind the $240 million 95th Street/Dan Ryan Red Line terminal
The new design includes glass and steel canopies and the station will
have two entrances on Wilson and an auxiliary entrance on Sunnyside
Avenue. The terra cotta exterior from the historic 1923 Gerber Building,
at Wilson and Broadway, will be restored. Track and signal
improvements, structural and viaduct repairs will also be made near the
station, officials said.
The station will remain open during construction, the CTA said.
AMAZING!   And so need to help revitalize the neighborhood.  

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