DIVVY Bike Sharing Program for Chicago Launches in June

When I was Paris  France a couple years ago, I thought their  bike rental program was pretty cool, with rental stations all over the city. 

Now, Chicago launches DIVVY bike sharing program , that will allow people to use bikes for $75 a year!

Divvy is expected to launch downtown around Bike to Work Day on June 14, with about 75 stations.
  By 2014, they want to have 400  stations all over the city. 

Now dubbed “Divvy” to reflect the nature of bike sharing, the program is launching more than 28 kiosks
where Lake View neighbors can pick up bicycles. The new cycles will
also be painted the iconic “Chicago Blue” to “provide a high level of
visibility on the street,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. 
How cool is that?!

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