Please DO NOT Feed the Pigeons in Chicago

  Please do not feed the pigeons. There are dozens of reasons why, but
mainly: feeding pigeons harms our neighborhoods and also harms the

Large population of pigeons is a health hazard.
Our huge feral pigeon population is a health hazard and creates many
problems in the city. Pigeon droppings dirty public spaces, do costly
damage to buildings, and can spread life-threatening diseases,
especially to the elderly and immune-deficient. Their nesting materials
block drains and harbor parasites like bird mites. Pigeon food makes a
mess and attracts rats.

Feeding pigeons promotes overbreeding.
Pigeon feeding produces overbreeding. Pigeons normally breed two or
three times a year, producing two eggs per brood. Overfed city pigeons
can breed up to eight times a year.

Pigeons are harmed when fed.
When you feed pigeons, you are not doing them a favor. They lose their
natural ability to scavenge and survive on their own. Pigeon over
population leads to overcrowded, unsanitary conditions and produces sick
and injured birds. A smaller flock is healthier and does less damage.

Stubborn pigeon feeders in Chicago might soon be pinching their
pennies in order to pay the fines as high as $1,000 proposed Wednesday
by Ald. James Cappleman (46th) in response to what he sees as a massive
problem in his Uptown ward.

Cappleman introduced an ordinance that would make feeding pigeons in the city an illegal act punishable with up to six months in jail along with a hefty fine, NBC Chicago reports. A similar fine was previously proposed in New York in 2007 but has not been implemented.

The alderman told the Chicago Sun-Times that the massive pigeon
population in his ward, buoyed by bread and rice-armed enablers, has reached a height that is “scaring people” near area CTA “L” stations. Pigeon droppings are actually destroying roofs of buildings. 

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