Michael Urie Wows Chicago with Buyer and Cellar

Barbra Striesands Basement of Stores in the where

                                                                                     BUYER AND CELLAR takes place.

These photos do not do the show justice!   It’s brilliant and funny!

Michael Urie is amazing and fresh and a wonderful story teller! Urie plays all of the characters, starting with a fictional out-of-work actor named Alex More who is hired to staff the underground mall of quaint shops that Streisand has built (really — this part’s true) beneath a barn on her Malibu estate.

And it is so refreshing, and so needed, for Broadway in Chicago to bring us an intimate show like this. THIS is what New York theatre is all about.  Wonderful small shows in a small venue, where everyone can enjoy the actors talents and be pulled into the story!

Whether you like Barbra Streisand or not – this is a must-see entertaining show in Chicago, fresh from New York, and on it’s way to Los Angeles next.  GO SEE IT!


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