New Buildings Changing Chicago Skyline

In the last week, several new skyscrapers were announced  by leading architects.  Chicago CURBED  reports, The economy has rebounded and the real estate market is red hot with people starting to buy homes again and developers proposing new tower projects for the downtown area. Major companies are moving back to the city from suburban campuses and Chicago’s talent pool continues to expand at an exponential rate. Many of the downtown projects proposed in the last couple of years have been for new hotels and apartment towers, however there are a handful of very ambitious skyscrapers that if built, could forever change city’s skyline.    READ THE FULL STORY  HERE

PLUS  A year ago when we first put together our first list of the highrises under construction in Chicago, we were stoked that they totaled 14 towers. The number then increased to 18 earlier this year. Today, that number is now 21. There are twenty one highrises currently under construction across the city, which include new hotels, office towers, apartments, and even a couple of condominium projects.  READ THE FULL STORY  HERE.




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