Down Syndrome Dance-a-thon Sept 22

For the average family, adding additional educational and therapeutic programs to their child’s life is not necessary. However, children and teenagers with Down Syndrome often require numerous additional programs (both educational and therapeutic) in their daily routine just to keep up with their peers. These programs can be extremely costly, which is why GiGi’s Playhouse, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to offering free programs for individuals of all ages with Down Syndrome.


In order to offer free programs, GiGi’s Playhouse relies on donations and fundraising.

YOU CAN HELP!  their next fundraising event; Get Down With Down Syndrome Dance-a-Thon. It is this Saturday, September 22 from 2-5pm at DePaul College Prep in Chicago. All proceeds and donations will go directly to GiGi’s Playhouse so they can continue offering the programs to individuals with Down Syndrome in the Chicago-area.

GET TICKETS!  $5-$25

About GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago:

GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago is part of a nationwide network of achievement centers serving individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Educational and therapeutic, GiGi’s Playhouse programs are designed by professional teachers and clinicians focusing on tangible and meaningful outcomes that improve lives. At GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago children and adults learn to read, compute, improve their health & wellness, develop career skills and prepare to live full lives, integrated within the community as co-workers, equals and friends. GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center’s mission is to change the way the world views Down syndrome through national campaigns, educational programs, and by empowering individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.

About the Founder:

Nancy Gianni is the Founder and “Chief Belief Officer” of GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers, and the visionary behind the organization’s launch and dramatic growth. In 2002, Nancy gave birth to her beautiful daughter, GiGi. When Nancy received the Down syndrome diagnosis, her fears coupled with the negative reactions of the medical staff made Nancy believe that her life, as she knew it, was over. She soon realized that GiGi could do the very same things that her other children do! What began as a mother’s vision to change perception, and maximize her daughter’s successes, has evolved into a global movement of acceptance and achievement.


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