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Enhance Your Relationship Building Through the Power of Blogs by Fellow Chicagoan and Guest Author, Jason Jacobsohn

Enhance Your Relationship Building Through the Power of Blogs

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Personal branding is so important for your credibility and longevity in the business world. You want to resonate positively with others so they will remember you.  Make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. You need to spend time branding yourself around a particular area of interest. Examples of subjects include search engine optimization, networking, channel marketing and investing.  Pick a subject you’re passionate about and enjoy talking to people about. By doing this, you will become more credible and will find it fun to share your expertise.
Blogs are a great way to extend your personal brand. As you likely know, they are essentially an online Web journal of your thoughts. Blogs are public and virtually anyone can read what you write. It can be a powerful way for you to share your knowledge with the world.  Creating a blog was a perfect way for me to extend my brand. I started Networking Insight, which is a place for me to share additional perspectives and observations about networking.
Display Your Subject Matter Expertise

Another great tool for building relationships with other bloggers is to sign up at, which allows you to create a blog profile. As long as you visit another blog that has signed up for this service, the blogger will know that you have visited his or her blog.  Once you see who has visited your blog, you can then reach out to these people and view their blogs as well. It is similar to LinkedIn. It has had so much success that Yahoo! acquired it in 2006. 

Final Thought
Take blogging seriously. It’s not going away. Whether they’re for business or personal satisfaction, blogs come in all forms.
They are a great way to connect with new people and to show the world that you have an expertise. As a result, you will have the opportunity to extend your personal brand.

Jason Jacobsohn

A blog about effective relationship building for business and life

From Waitress to CEO: The Rise of Carolyn Gable

/images/12877-12348/new_logo_resized.jpg”>Because she believes in the importance of self-esteem, she started the “Expect a Miracle” foundation. The purpose of this Foundation is to offer assistance to the single women and men that are working and trying to do well for their children, but are unable to provide the extracurricular activities that help a child build strong character for the society we live in.



The WEST SUBURBAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS have hired me to speak for them at an event around the topic of WEB 2.0.

What is so amazing about the shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, is that the world has changed! The cheese has been moved! Think of it this way – when the Internet and web development first started, it was this huge cyberspace  to post things to be read. There was no interaction. Web 2.0 is all about interaction! and sharing! and linking! It’s social  now and everyone can play in the game! Everyone from IBM to my grandmother who lives  on a farm in Flint, Michigan!

In the old days, you had to chase business; “push” business. Now you create a worldwide “pull” marketing strategy to bring prospects to you! The secret is knowing what new tools to use and how to use them effectively. So on Saturady, May 19th, the WSWE has invited me to speak to their group, and guests, about this new evolution of the Internet and what is called Web 2.0. We’ll explore the potential of what I think are the top 3 free online tools available – blogs, article hubs, and LinkedIn.

So mark your calendar if you would like to attend! 

Saturday, May 19th, 2007, 10am-1pm, downtown Chicago at 200 S. Wacker.

Non-members of WSWE can attend for $80, payable at the door by cash or check.

RSVP to Karen Hanrahan, WSWE Program chair,

for more info call 708-482-0678. Snacks and beverages will be provided and it will be a lot of fun!

Derrick Sorles
Helping You Build Better Business Faster in a Web 2.0 World
Strategic Business Coach and Consultant, Web 2.0 Strategist and Social Media Evangelist,
Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Speaker.


How Can Entrepreneurs Fund Their Dreams?

Do you need to raise capital for your company?
Do you seem perplexed about how to raise money?
Do you find the cost of hiring accounting, legal or other professional help
beyond what you can reasonably afford?

There is a new e-book out and a company that can help!


This may look  like  an infomercial, but I came across this company recently and wanted to help spread the word! This is one of those, what-every-entrepreneur-should-know-things! Commonwealth Capital Advisors have a fantastic e-book called “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-up and Early Stage Companies” – and it’s available now!

Commonwealth Capital Advisors has demystified the process of raising capital. They have created the FINANCIAL ARCHITECT system for companies who need to raise  between $100,000  and  $10 million  for working capital (seed, development & expansion). Or if your company needs to raise $5 million to $20 million maybe to launch a new product or service, and cannot tap into traditional commercial bank financing, this is the program you need.

You can click our links here to get the e-book. And they have lots of information on their site  and they are launching a blog next month