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Enhance Your Relationship Building Through the Power of Blogs by Fellow Chicagoan and Guest Author, Jason Jacobsohn

Enhance Your Relationship Building Through the Power of Blogs

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Personal branding is so important for your credibility and longevity in the business world. You want to resonate positively with others so they will remember you.  Make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. You need to spend time branding yourself around a particular area of interest. Examples of subjects include search engine optimization, networking, channel marketing and investing.  Pick a subject you’re passionate about and enjoy talking to people about. By doing this, you will become more credible and will find it fun to share your expertise.
Blogs are a great way to extend your personal brand. As you likely know, they are essentially an online Web journal of your thoughts. Blogs are public and virtually anyone can read what you write. It can be a powerful way for you to share your knowledge with the world.  Creating a blog was a perfect way for me to extend my brand. I started Networking Insight, which is a place for me to share additional perspectives and observations about networking.
Display Your Subject Matter Expertise

Another great tool for building relationships with other bloggers is to sign up at, which allows you to create a blog profile. As long as you visit another blog that has signed up for this service, the blogger will know that you have visited his or her blog.  Once you see who has visited your blog, you can then reach out to these people and view their blogs as well. It is similar to LinkedIn. It has had so much success that Yahoo! acquired it in 2006. 

Final Thought
Take blogging seriously. It’s not going away. Whether they’re for business or personal satisfaction, blogs come in all forms.
They are a great way to connect with new people and to show the world that you have an expertise. As a result, you will have the opportunity to extend your personal brand.

Jason Jacobsohn

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